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September 1, 2011
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Health by psychedelis Health by psychedelis
My main point is that a lot of people use "health" as a tool to make the fact that they find fat people "unaestheticly appearing" politically correct, even if they couldn't care less.

I. The reason I choose to use the word "fat" instead of a word like "overweight" is mainly due to the fact that I agree with the body positive community that "fat" should be reclaimed as a neutral word. But also that the word "overweight" implies that the person weights more than they should or want to.

However you want to define "weighing too much", I consider it an impolite word, and I wouldn't call anyone that, just as I wouldn't call a skinny person "underweight" in everyday talk.

II. If you read this and thinks "It's not true, I really DO CARE and make comments about EVERYBODY'S health, not only fat people", congratulations. You don't fall under the category "hypocrite", but your friends probably find you really annoying. js.

Edit: fixed some unclear and odd wordings. I hope the message gets through better now. Thanks ~ClockworkLyre for the feedback!

It can be read in original Swedish form here: [link]
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nonbinaryartsybabe Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i think people should choose whatever lifestyle suits them. i'm trying to gain weight simply because it looks good, but i also want to be conscious that i don't go overboard...
the body-positivity movement isn't really about promoting obesity, it's just about loving yourself no matter how you look
INDIJAZ Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
yes to find the inner image is the key? 
KurvosVicky Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with these points a lot. :) Though, kinda weird how you seem to only focus on women, save for one single panel...
aaaaceace Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
I know one guy who works at the same Ihop I do and he is so fat that he waddles when he walks and it looks like his face is trying to devour his neck. Yet the chefs keep serving him fried chicken and other junk food. Now I know we have to respect other people's freedoms but this does not mean we have to support their choices in life. So if you work as a chef at an Ihop or anywhere else and a morbidly obese co-work who can't even find his own manhood asks for a plate of cheese covered fried chicken with bacon and chocolate just say no. You may not be able to stop him from killing himself with food but that does not mean you have to contribute.     
Feiring Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Urgh, I know. That's one of the things I hate about some people perception of things. @__@

I'm one of the person who sit around all day doing nothing and eat, but I don't gain more weight from it (so far I haven't, it'll probably kick in someday). I'm not going around saying I'm healthy. Because I'm not and I know it. Just because I don't gain weight means my body is healthy.

A bunch of more heavy person are more in shape than me.
psychedelis Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Artist
yep body and health can be so different (people are sometimes rude to thin people too for this reason too, that's not nice either. :[ )
Mangamad2K9 Featured By Owner May 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, 'overweight' is a clinical term, referring to being over the weight that is healthy for humans. Obesity is a very serious health problem, as is being too skinny. In other words, you need a balanced diet. Junk food is bad for you when you have too much, just as anything else. People should never be discriminated against, and certainly not because of their weight.
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